Work From Home Setup: Ideas, Tips & Requirements

Here’s a complete guide on how work from home setup can be done effectively in order to boost your productivity. All ideas, tips & requirements are listed.

Problems You Face While Working From Home[ps2id id=’1′ target=”/]

Tough times can encounter us at any point in our lives. We might not be always prepared for it. But we have to deal with it somehow. The spread of COVID 19 is one such situation that has shuddered the world with an unexpected arrival. The economy has shaken up and many businesses are finding it hard to survive.

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Work from home seems like the only option to get through this. It is not a new concept but such a time will come that the whole world (except frontline workers. Salute to them!) has to do it was never thought about. Though there is still a majority of population who can’t from home, cause their jobs are such. 

But for others…. work from home is the only way out.

Now in the current situation, you cannot go to your office like a usual day and expect the work to be delivered. The only way to do it right now is to work from home. Many of us have worked from home in the past and we do have some sort of experience of managing it. But what about those who are new to this concept?

First Time Working From Home?


For such people setting up a workspace within the home space seems like a new task on their head. Especially if you have a small apartment. How to manage the space? You may not have the option or the space to put up a separate table just for yourself. So how do you manage? Sit on a couch? Yes, that’s possible! What else? Sit on the bed? Yes, we can do that as well.

But is it comfortable enough to sit on the couch and work?

Let’s admit this! we all have tried this once at least.  We sit on the couch and our back hurts. We sit on the bed and your bed becomes a mess or you simply feel lazy after a while. The work-energy goes missing! After all, it’s your bed. It’s supposed to make you feel sleepy!

That’s Not The Only Problem… There’s More To It.

When you work while sitting on the bed or couch the laptop gets imbalanced. You need a stable base, isn’t it? Otherwise, how will you type? Even if you manage to type somehow your arms hurt after a while. So how to keep everything perfect and balanced within the home space. You need a list of products that are essential to work from home.

Work From Home Setup List

There are certain tools that can set up a comfortable ambiance to work from home. These setup ideas can make things more productive for you. You got everything in place and organized. You don’t lag behind because you didn’t find what you were looking for. Everything was in place. Neither you felt sleepy while working. In short, nothing stopped you! Everything went with the flow! If this happens, you can finish your work on time. You will feel the energy and the results will be fantastic. That’s why you need tools!

But where to find this list of tools?

Don’t worry we got you covered! IndiaOff team thought of putting up a list of most required work from home setup essentials for 2020. This list will not only guide you with what to shop but will help you gain the best bargains on them. With best deals on them you can buy them at the lowest price online.

1. Wifi Routers and Hotspot[ps2id id=’wifi’ target=”/]

2. Laptop Tables[ps2id id=’laptables’ target=”/]

3. Cable and Docking Stations[ps2id id=’cables’ target=”/]

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4. Extension Cords and Multiple Plugs[ps2id id=’cords’ target=”/]

5. Comfortable Chair[ps2id id=’chair’ target=”/]

6. Couch Arm Rest[ps2id id=’armrest’ target=”/]

7. Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support[ps2id id=’cushion’ target=”/]

8. Late Night Working Accessories[ps2id id=’latenight’ target=”/]

9. Wireless Keyboards & Mouse[ps2id id=’mouse’ target=”/]

10. Hard Drives[ps2id id=’harddrive’ target=”/]

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11. Printer and Scanners[ps2id id=’printer’ target=”/]

12. Headphones and Speakers[ps2id id=’headphones’ target=”/]

13. Monitors and LCD Screen[ps2id id=’lcd’ target=”/]

Work From Home Setup Ideas and Tips[ps2id id=’3′ target=”/]

If we have to cover up the basic ideas and tips on working from home then below is the list you must go through.

  1. TableMake sure your table is well balanced and should not see-saw while you are typing or having a meeting call.  
  2. Comfortable Chair – When you have to spend hours sitting on the chair you may start having body pain if the chair is not comfortable enough. Proper cushion support and back support is needed in order to spend long hours on that chair.
  3. Strong Wifi connection – While working from home you often change the place where you sit and work. For that you must make sure that the WIFI signal reaches every corner of your home. Buy a good router or wifi dongle. 
  4. Plantlife – Some days might be so busy that you might not step out of the home. As you work from home and you live in the same place, you often finish your work and don’t go outside or its already late. But you must stay close to nature. You must have fresh air. For such problems having a plantlife on the desk where you work or at the corner where you work is the best solution. There are plants that don’t need enough sunlight and water. Such ones can be planted at home or in the room where you work.
  5. Lightning – Another most important factor would the light. If possible always go for natural light. There’s no replacement for that. There’s less strain on the eyes. Your mind works at its best if you work in natural light.
  6. Calendars, Notepad, Whiteboards, etc – Having an appropriate working stationary reduces the workload and increases productivity. You don’t have to buy fancy stationery but basic things like notepad, calendar, sticky notes, and whiteboard (if required) should be in your reach whenever required. This will make things more organized for you.
  7. Snacks – Though you are working from home and the kitchen is not far away. Having a few snack bars won’t harm you. Why is that? Well, if you are alone at home and got no one to cook for you then having these quick snack bites keep you going. Sometimes you don’t get time to cook something for yourself and you can’t even order something because of COVID-19 situation right now then having these ready to eat snacks will help you.

There could be many more to this list above but we have come up with the basic ideas and tips when you are setting up a work from home ambiance for yourself. We would like to hear from you more. Please do comment in the comment box below. 

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