Cricket Ball Throwing Machine

For anyone to outshine their batting skills you need to practice more in the nets. The more you practice the better you get. To make this happen you need one more player to bowl you consistently. But it may not be always possible to have another player that will help you practice and play cricket with you. At times it may become difficult to find someone who can actually bowl for hours and support this. Not everyone around you may be a bowler or capable of bowling skills. Especially during the current times where meeting people and socializing with them is already restricted and to find someone who can play with you is even more difficult. So what should be the solution here? You need a cricket ball throwing machine.

Yes, a cricket ball throwing machine can make things easier for you. You just have to load the balls and it will throw the ball at you after regular intervals that you can set on the machine. If you haven’t come across to many to find online then here we have the list ready for you. The price list below will guide you to find the best selling ball throwing machine at the lowest price online. Simply go through the list and it will help you choose the best one. 

Cricket Ball Throwing Machine Price List

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Rs. 27,200 Rs. 40,000 1 new from Rs. 27,200
in stock
Leverage The Amazing iWinner Advanced 2.0 (Black)
Rs. 49,999 Rs. 59,999 1 new from Rs. 49,999
in stock
Gravity KD Lite Cricket Bowling Machine
Rs. 56,840 Rs. 60,000 1 new from Rs. 56,840
in stock
Ae Cricket Bowling Machine
Rs. 79,500 Rs. 99,500 1 new from Rs. 79,500
in stock
Gravity KD Coach Indoor Outdoor Cricket Bowling Machine
Rs. 109,010 Rs. 200,000 1 new from Rs. 109,010
in stock
Ae Cricket Bowling Machine
Rs. 173,118 Rs. 200,000 1 new from Rs. 173,118
in stock
AE Cricket Bowling Machine - Power Professional (Blue)

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Current Price £85.00 2021-10-24
Highest Price £85.00 2021-06-28
Lowest Price £80.00 2021-05-06
Since 2021-05-06

Last price changes

£85.00 2021-06-28
£80.00 2021-05-06

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