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Fallen in love with the mountain bikes already? And, now looking for the latest mountain bike’s price list that will not only offer a great price value but a decent range of mountain bikes to choose from? Don’t you worry… we got everything covered for you! Go through the list and find the best selling mountain bikes with their latest price drops.

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Before you know the offers on these bikes, let’s talk more about them!

Do you love off-roading? Riding over rough terrain and edgy mountain slopes just to test out your limits and endurance level? If this all interests you then mountain biking is definitely your thing! But if you are already into this then this post will help you find the best mountain bikes along with the latest offers and price drops on them.

Why Need Offers?

After all, these mountain bikes are not so cheap to buy. You need to have some budget that will get you the one you like! That’s why covering up the price part was very important. We, at Indiaoff decided to cover this segment for you. This will include and talk about their discounts, EMI availability, their specification and ratings given by customers if any. We have tried to cover all these under one roof, just to make this shopping decision easier for you. But first…

Let’s assume you are a newbie in this!

So what should be the first thing you need to know before you think of buying yourself a brand new mountain bicycle? It’s type, right? What types are available in the market?

Types of Mountain Bikes

We can put mountain bikes into four categories as below.

  • Cross-Country Bikes
  • Downhill Bikes
  • Trail Bikes
  • Enduro, also known as all-mountain bikes

1. Cross-Country Bikes: These are mainly for short travel or racing purpose. These bicycles provide sharp handling and excellent suspension. 

2. Downhill Bikes: These ones are great for downhill racing. They have a great suspension and can easily handle high jumps. 

3. Trail Bikes: These are the most preferred mountain bikes by most of the bikers. They are great at climbing and capable of handling steep descents as well.

4. Enduro Bikes: These are similar to trail bikes. Great in handling steep decent, uphill climbs and faster trails with great suspension.

15 Best Selling Mountain Bikes in India

  1. Hercules trailblazer rf 26 t mountain cycle (check price)
  2. Hydra warrior disc brake bike for adults grey 27.5 t mountain cycle (check price)
  3. Lightspeed dryft lightweight aluminium alloy frame single speed mtb cycle (check price)
  4. Axan fat bicycle with dual disc breaks 21 shimano gears cycle (check price)
  5. Foldable sports mtb cycle with 21 derailleurs (gears) (check price)
  6. Cockatoo cbc-06 series 26t & 21 speed aluminium mountain bike (check price)
  7. Sturdy bikes foldable fat mountain bike (check price)
  8. Uboard 20inch fat tire bike (check price)
  9. Cosmic trium 27.5 inch mtb bicycle 21 speed-premium edition 28 t mountain/hardtail cycle (check price)
  10. Cosmic trium 27.5 inch mtb bicycle (check price)
  11. Oyama freedom 2.3 21 speed 27.5″ 27.5 t mountain/hardtail cycle (check price)
  12. Fantom 21 speed terrano 29 t mountain/hardtail cycle (check price)
  13. Gogo a1 balzac mountain bicycle with high carbon steel frame (check price)
  14. Upland vanguard 200 white&red 27.5 t mountain/hardtail cycle (check price)
  15. Endless 26t fat tyre mountain bike (check price)

Mountain Bike Price and Offers

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