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USB ports are convenient spot in order to transfer files, attach new gadget or equipment and various other purposes that it supports. But having a USB port on your mobile phone that could help out with the similar work that a PC can do will make the difference. That’s why USB OTG (on-the-go) adapters are made.

What does a USB OTG Adapter do?

In case you landed on this page and do not really know the need of USB OTG adapters then let us explain to you in the simplest way possible.

USB OTG Adapters help you read data from any USB device without using a laptop or a computer. We don’t carry our computers with us and sometimes even laptops are avoided too. Now, in case of some emergency if you need to transfer something urgently from your flash drive to your phone or vice versa. How to do that? Without a PC or laptop, this can be done with the use of USB OTG adapters only.

But does every phone support it?

No! You need to check on the box it came in. Not every cell phone company allows that kind of support. There will be some information or a logo describing the support of USB OTG. In case you don’t have a box or lost it then you can always download a USB OTG checker app that will help let you know if your phone supports it or not.

Things You Can Do With USB Adapters

  1. Access and transfer files from your USB drive and hard drives directly connecting it to your phone.
  2. You can attach video game controllers to have a comfortable gaming experience on your mobile phone.
  3. Attach computer and laptop accessories like keyboard and mouse can be attached as well.
  4. In the absence of wireless connectivity. You can connect your printer through USB OTG Adapter and print directly through the phone.
  5. You can attach other gadgets like DSLR cameras to your to transfer files on your phone or vice versa. Other gadgets like mini USB fans, USB  light, and other USB supported fun gadgets can also be connected to your phone.

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